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March, 2020

I'm excited to announce that we just added a new variety of episodes called Songwriter Stories Singles in which, with the help of the songwriter or through analysis and audio clips, we examine a single song to find out what makes it tick.  These Singles episodes will tend to be a bit shorter (which means they'll be easier to digest) and they'll allow us to put more focus on a single song.

We've retroactively labeled our two Elton John song episodes as Songwriter Stories Singles.  Our first *new* Singles show is episode 18: Walter Egan's Magnet and Steel.  Walter was on hand to graciously walk us through his career up to the release of that record, to share stories about making it, and to help us break it down and discuss its enduring appeal.

January 2020

Over time, we've been upgrading this site with a new feature that we're pretty excited about.  We're diligently transcribing our interviews into text and adding them to The Writers Rooms of our guests.

These transcripts go beyond making our interviews more accessible.  They're annotated with numerous Wikipedia links, so readers can click on select words and phrases to discover more about the people, places and things we've discussed.

A handful of interviews have already transcribed and more are on the way.  Our thanks to friend of the show, Craig Tait for his kind assistance.

In celebration of our first two years as a podcast, we've created a new Songwriter Stories Music Sampler at Spotify, featuring some of the best songs from the guests we've interviewed so far. 

We'll continue to grow this playlist so you can enjoy tunes from all of the new songwriters we host in the future. 

We've started things off by choosing three songs from each artist.  We hope you enjoy and share the music!

Songwriter Stories is pleased and proud to be included in PlayerFM's September 2019 list of the "Best Songwriting Podcasts."  With only eleven episodes under our belt, we feel we're just getting started!  Thanks, PlayerFM!

Also, we've been spotted in Feedspot's "Top 20 Songwriting Audio Podcasts and Radio You Must Subscribe and Listen to in 2019."  The list was shared by Traveling Rockstars and we're honored to make the cut.

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