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Songwriters tend to appreciate a great bridge.  In the spirit of bridge-building, I'd like to share a few radio shows, podcasts, blogs and websites that are aligned with the melodic pop music you hear on Songwriter Stories.  I think you'll be right at home with the content served up by these friends who have kindly praised and promoted our show.  -- Dave Caruso

Chasing the EssentialChasing the Essential

If you're a fan of melodic pop, you're gonna love Chasing the Essential, a cool, weekly music podcast hosted by music uber-fan Rick Warhall.  Rick and I like a lot of the same music, and he frequently spins songs by our guests.  You can catch new and recent episodes of Chasing The Essential anytime on Podomatic.

Indie Pop TakeoutIndie Pop Takeout

Chipper Saam, the host of Indie Pop Takeout, was also one of our earliest guests on Songwriter Stories, along with his bandmates. The Hangabouts.  Chip is extremely knowledgeable about pop music and he's a casual consultant for this podcast.  You can hear Indie Pop Takeout on alternate Saturdays at 10:00 am EST on WHFR 89.3 (college radio in Dearborn, MI), or listen live from anywhere, using the TuneIn app.

Alan Haber's Pure Pop RadioAlan Haber's Pure Pop Radio

Home to a wealth of reviews, articles and interviews about "the greatest melodic pop music in the universe from the 60s to today," Mr. Haber's insightful opinions are highly coveted and spot-on.  Browse hundreds of  new, new-to-you, and archived features written by a true expert on all things melodic pop.  Find out more at Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio.

I Don't Hear A SingleI Don't Hear a Single

I Don't Hear a Single is a blog that's dedicated to "the new and neglected" in pop music.  It's a place where you can hear the best indie releases, read reviews and much more.  Host Don Valentine is a friend of this podcast and you'll find overlap with his selections and ours.  This enterprise is growing fast and launching all-new projects as I write this.  You can also find I Don't Hear a Single on Facebook.

Futureman Records

Futureman Records

Unlike many fossil record labels, Futureman Records is an altruistic music distribution hub where like-minded fans can peruse and discover choice releases from a variety of talented artists, under the umbrella.  You'll find music by some of our guests there, too, at Futureman Records.

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