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Episode 21:  Marshall Crenshaw

Marshall Crenshaw -- Photo by Al Pereira

In 1982, Marshall Crenshaw's eponymous debut album blended a cool, retro songwriting aesthetic with a revitalized sound and Marshall's unmistakable vocal style.  That combination, along with songs like "Someday Someway," "There She Goes Again," "She Can't Dance" and "Cynical Girl" would ensure its status as an instant pop classic.

Other career highlights include one of Crenshaw's most covered songs, "You're My Favorite Waste of Time," and the jubilant "Whenever You're On My Mind."  Billboard Magazine named the 1995 hit, "Til I Hear It From You," which was co-written and released by the Gin Blossoms, "the closest thing to a perfect pop song to hit radio in recent memory."

Today, Marshall Crenshaw is eminently regarded as a master of melody-driven songwriting.

Photo by Al Pereira

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  Album Artist Producer Song (Songwriter)


Marshall Crenshaw Richard
Marshall Crenshaw
Someday Someway (Marshall Crenshaw)

Cynical Girl (Marshall Crenshaw)

She Can't Dance (Marshall Crenshaw)

There She Goes Again (Marshall Crenshaw)

Mary Anne (Marshall Crenshaw)



Marshall Crenshaw Marshall
Steve Lilywhite
Whenever You're On My Mind (Marshall Crenshaw, Bill Teeley)

Our Town (Marshall Crenshaw)

One More Reason (Marshall Crenshaw)

All I Know Right Now (Marshall Crenshaw)



Marshall Crenshaw Marshall
T-Bone Burnett,
Mitch Easter,
Larry Hirsch
Blues Is King (Marshall Crenshaw)

The Distance Between Us (Marshall Crenshaw)

Lesson Number One (Marshall Crenshaw)

Mary Jean
& 9 Other Songs


Marshall Crenshaw Don
This Is Easy (Marshall Crenshaw)

Somebody Crying (Marshall Crenshaw)

'Til That Moment (Marshall Crenshaw)

They Will Never Know (Marshall Crenshaw)



Marshall Crenshaw David Kershenbaum

She Hates To Go Home (Marshall Crenshaw, Leroy Preston)

Life's Too Short


Marshall Crenshaw Ed
Better Back Off (Marshall Crenshaw. Tom Teeley)

Fantastic Planet Of Love (Marshall Crenshaw)

Somewhere Down the Line (Marshall Crenshaw)

Empire Records Soundtrack


Various Various Til I Hear It From You
Artist: Gin Blossoms
Songwriters: Marshall Crenshaw, Jesse Valenzuela, Robin Wilson
Producer: John Hampton 
Miracle of Science


Marshall Crenshaw Marshall
What Do You Dream Of (Marshall Crenshaw)

Starless Summer Sky (Rick Cioffi, Marshall Crenshaw, Fred Todd)

The 9-Volt Years


Marshall Crenshaw Marshall
Stay Fabulous (Marshall Crenshaw, R. Miller)

You're My Favorite Waste Of Time (Marshall Crenshaw)

Bruce Is King (Marshall Crenshaw)



Marshall Crenshaw Bill
Dime a Dozen Guy (David Cantor, Marshall Crenshaw)

T.M.D. (Marshall Crenshaw, Bill DeMain)

You Said What?? (Marshall Crenshaw)

What's In
the Bag?


Marshall Crenshaw Eric
Long & Complicated (Marshall Crenshaw, R. Julian)

AKA "A Big Heavy Hot Dog" (Marshall Crenshaw)



Marshall Crenshaw Marshall

(for tracks at right)

Passing Through (Marshall Crenshaw, Kelley Ryan)

Never Coming Down (Marshall Crenshaw)

Eventually (Marshall Crenshaw)

Live and Learn (Matthew Baird, Dan Bern, Marshall Crenshaw)

The EP


Crenshaw, Jerry Boys

(for tracks at right)

Grab the Next Train (Marshall Crenshaw)

I Don't See You Laughing Now (Marshall Crenshaw)

(Title / Artist / Album)

Someday Someway / Marshall Crenshaw / Marshall Crenshaw
All I Know Right Now / Marshall Crenshaw / Field Day
Fantastic Planet Of Love / Marshall Crenshaw / Life's Too Short
You're My Favorite Waste of Time / Marshall Crenshaw / The 9-Volt Years
Whenever You're On My Mind / Marshall Crenshaw / Field Day

Stay Fabulous / Marshall Crenshaw / The 9-Volt Years
There She Goes Again / Marshall Crenshaw / Marshall Crenshaw
The Usual Thing / Marshall Crenshaw / Marshall Crenshaw
Honest I Do / Babs Cooper / Honest I Do (Single)
Our Town / Marshall Crenshaw / Field Day
You're My Favorite Waste Of Time / Marshall Crenshaw / 9-Volt Demos
Whenever You're On My Mind / Marshall Crenshaw /
9-Volt Demos
Whenever You're On My Mind / Marshall Crenshaw / 9-Volt Demos
T.M.D. [aka Truly, Madly, Deeply] / Marshall Crenshaw / #447
Dime a Dozen Guy / Marshall Crenshaw / #447
Starless Summer Sky / Marshall Crenshaw / Miracle of Science
Til I Hear It From You / Gin Blossoms / Empire Records Soundtrack
Somewhere Down the Line / Marshall Crenshaw / Life's Too Short


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