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Episode 15: John Fields

For more than twenty-five years, Producer, Mixer, Engineer, and Co-Writer, John Fields, has racked up hundreds of songwriting credits by collaborating with a versatile array of talented indie artists and chart-topping mega stars.

John's projects include recordings by:
All Time Low, Allstar Weekend, Backstreet Boys, Ben Rector, Billy Ray Cyrus, Brandi Carlisle, Brent Bourgeois (of Bourgeois Tagg), Clay Aiken, Daryl Hall, Daniel Powter, Demi Lovato, The Dollyrots, Evan and Jaron, Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket), Goo Goo Dolls, Greazy Meal, The Honeydogs, Jimmy Eat World, Jonas Brothers, Lifehouse, Mandy Moore, Michael Stipe (of REM), Miley Cyrus, Paul Westerberg, Pink, The Rembrandts, The Replacements, Rooney, Selena Gomez, Shania Twain, Soul Asylum, Semisonic, Switchfoot, and Willie Wisely.

Photo by Frank McDonough

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Bonus Talk: Daryl Hall (4 mins.)

Recalling the thrill and heartache of working with
Daryl Hall for his album, "Laughing Down Crying."

Bonus Video: Daryl Hall & John Fields (43 secs.)

Good times with Daryl, while testing out a new keyboard model.
Daryl shows John how to play "You Make My Dreams." 
Camera: Michael Bland.


  Album Artist Songwriter Producer Song
Dirty Work (All Time Low) Dirty


All Time Low John Fields, Alex Gaskarth John Fields Forget About It
Morning Report (Arkells) Morning Report


Arkells Arkells,
John Fields
Album: Anthony Carone, Joe Chiccarelli, Tony Hoffer, Gus Van Go My Heart's Always Yours
Planes (Jon Stevens) Planes Soundtrack


Jon Stevens John Fields, Jon Stevens John Fields, Jon Stevens Fly
Turbosherbet (Willie Wisely) Turbosherbet


Willie Wisely John Fields, Benno Nelson, Andy Sullivan, Willie Wisely John Fields Bygones
Which Side Are You On (Wakefield) Which Side Are You On?


Wakefield John Fields, Mike Ruekberg, Wakefield John Fields Girl With a Beat
The Dollyrots (The Dollyrots) The


The Dollyrots Luis Cabezas, John Fields, Kelly Ogden John Fields Twist Me to the Left
Night Driver


James Bourne,
Matt Willis,
Charlie Simpson,
John Fields,
Eric Bazilian,
Lauren Christy
John Fields Without It

(Title / Artist / Album)

Girl With a Beat / Wakefield / Which Side Are You On?
American Dream / Ty Stone / American Style
Disappear / Selena Gomez / Wizards of Waverly Place (Soundtrack)
Echoes / Sunderland / Closer Now
I Wish / Semisonic / All About Chemistry

Strawberry Fields Forever / The Beatles / Imagine
I Can't Wait / Greazy Meal / Visualize World Greaze
Funkytown / Lipps, Inc. / Mouth to Mouth
Funkytown / Greazy Meal / Funkytown (Soundtrack)
I Just Want To Touch You / Utopia / Deface the Music
Chapter & Verse / Utopia / Utopia
Surf's Up / The Beach Boys / Surf's Up
Fall From Grace / Tina & The B-Sides / It's All Just The Same
Level on the Inside / Dovetail Joint / 001
This Is Your Life / Switchfoot / The Beautiful Letdown
Dare You to Move / Switchfoot / The Beautiful Letdown
With a Little Love / Jackopierce / (Single)
Long Way To Go / The Rembrandts / LP
Friends (I'll Be There For You) / LP (Hidden Track)
10,000 Years / The Honeydogs / 10,000 Years
Flippy In My Red Dress / The Dollyrots / Daydream Exposion
Hello Beautiful / The Jonas Brothers / Jonas Brothers
Fly / Jon Stevens / Planes (Soundtrack)
Bygones / Willie Wisely / Turbosherbet


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