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Episode 18: Walter Egan's "Magnet and Steel"

At the heart of Walter Eganís lifelong songwriting career is an endearing and enduring song that has played a substantial role in cementing his stardom for all time.  That song is "Magnet and Steel."

Decades on, through unfaltering radio airplay, impassioned live performances, and films and television shows seeking to annex its popularity, this classic song continues to invigorate Egan's artistic longevity and introduce him to further generations of listeners.

In our interview, Walter shares stories about his ongoing pursuit to write and record what he calls "genuine, melodic songs with a beat," and we grapple with what makes Magnet and Steel both ageless and perennial.

Bonus Talk: Hot Summer Nights (5 mins)

Bonus Talk: The "Pamela" (DeBarre) Album (4 mins)

Bonus Clip: Magnet and Steel (Live) (Walter Egan)
Backing vocals feature Annie McLoone


  Album Artist Producer Song
Not Shy


Walter Egan,
Magnet and Steel (Walter Egan)
The song, which reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, appeared on Walter's 2nd Columbia album, Not Shy, and includes Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks on backing vocals.

Magnet and Steel
This cover by Matthew Sweet
was used in the comedy film Overnight Delivery (1998) and again on Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Album (1998).



So Bad
The Malibooz are a New York-based band that's known for their  California surf-rock sound, but on their album "Queens' English," the band pays homage to their musical heroes of The British Invasion. 


True Songs
Walter's 10th and most recent solo album has Ron Krasinski on drums and Mr. Egan  handling everything else.

(Title / Artist / Album)

Firestorm at Surfrider / The Malibooz / Malibooz Rule!

So Bad / The Malibooz / Queens' English

Obie's Tune / Sageworth / TheCD

Come To Me / Edna Mae Scott / Mama Ain't Nobody's Fool

Hearts On FIre / Gram Parsons (with Emmylou Harris) / Grievous Angel

Magnet and Steel / Walter Egan / Not Shy
(demonstration snippets)

Magnet and Steel / Matthew Sweet / Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Album

Crazy Reign / Walter Egan / True Songs

Old Photographs / Walter Egan / True Songs


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